Dr. Aniruddha Joshi.

A fact sheet of my Guru -Dr Aniruddha Joshi

1. This photograph you see is of My Guru, Dr. Aniruddha Joshi. My Guru, born on 18th November 1956, is a successful doctor by profession [M.D.–Medicine and academically a gold medalist in rheumatology] and consulting Rheumatologist.

2. As a spiritual leader, he is more popularly known as Aniruddha Bapu. His spiritual movement which started with a modest handful of followers in 1996 has grown to over four million in India and abroad. This phenomenal growth is without any ‘poster publicity’ and is singularly attributable to the personal experiences of his followers, who found in him a trustworthy savior and guide in their lives.

3. My Guru is a householder, happily married with wife and two children. His food habits include non vegetarian foods. He is an occasional smoker. Bapu does not drink.

4. His followers vouch that he is a re-incarnation of Sai Baba, the guardian saint of Shirdi [1838 -1918], who has today the largest following in India.

5. My Guru does not perform miracles. A miracle is an ‘unnatural’ application of ‘natural’ powers by a human being, the intended effect of which is to create such wonder to its beholder that it can be fraudulently ‘passed off’ as a super-natural and divine act. The design behind the miracle is always selfishly evil ; meant to wean the devout from the real God towards the imposter working these miracles.

A miracle is against the very law of nature ordained by God. The law of nature referred here is the law of karma according to which every living creature gets only what is due to him and that too at the right time and in the right measure – be it gain or pain based on his past actions, good or bad. At every stage at which this law operates, the net effect of pain and gain on the community is evenly constant in terms of equity and justice.

In each of the instances, where my Guru has been found intervening in the lives of his devotees to save them from calamities, my Guru has borne the brunt of the karmic effect of each calamity on own self and allowed only a minor effect to fall on the devotee . On the other hand, he has never usurped any gain due to his devotee. If seen from this angle, it will be clear that My Guru has never worked to negate the law of karma. Incarnates and true saints have never used their powers for their own benefits. If you decide to have a life partnership with My Guru, you will find in him a partner only in your losses leaving all the gains of this partnership entirely to you.

6. Bapu has no truck with politicians. He neither seeks their support not submits to their writs. Bapu in his historical speech on 3rd October 2002 had spelled out in clear terms that both he and his organizations will remain non political.

Banners of political parties expressing support or admiration for Bapu on the festival occasions of his Gurupoornima and Birthday Celebrations have been put by these parties on their accord and for their own reasons. It is also possible that these banners have been put up by overzealous Bapu’s devotees who are members of these political parties. These devotees should know that Bapu has more than once expressed his disapproval of such tactics and should convince their political organizations to desist from such practices.

This is not to say that Bapu’s devotees should not become members of political parties. On the other hand, more and more devotees should join the political stream to give this country a lease of clean politics.

7. My Guru is a warrior in his own right. His definition of Ahimsa is not just abstinence from violence, but putting an end to violence itself when it reaches such proportion that it can no longer be sanely borne by a nation or community. It is for this reason that He and his followers aggressively campaigned to the Indian Government to attack the terrorist camps in Pakistan after the Mumbai Terror Attacks in November 2008.

Bapu has mastered the ancient Indian martial arts {Bal Vidyas – Mudgal Vidya, Ashva Vidya, Suryabhedan Vidya, Yashwanti Malla Vidya etc.] and successfully imparted its techniques to his trusted disciples. The training is meant to supplement the defence needs of the nation. Every devotee of Bapu is expected to support, in whatever measure humanly possible, the commander-in-chief of this country, the moment this commander-in chief gives the call to the nation to defend itself in a war situation.

8. My Guru is clear that patriotism is an important component of his Religion. After the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament in December 2001, Bapu has founded an academy for disaster management, which apart from assisting the State administrations in calamities and disaster prevention, has imparted disaster management training to over 50,000 volunteers in the country.

9. Bapu firmly believes that a spiritual seeker cannot just seek his personal emancipation and remain indifferent to the under-privileged sections in the community. His organizations and followers are therefore actively involved, sans publicity, in social relief measurers more particularly in vulnerable sections of society where help is found most deficient.

10. Why this role of a warrior-saint? The roles that that saints and incarnates adopt are always ‘contextual’ i.e. keeping in terms with the circumstances prevailing in the society at that time and its needs. This role of a warrior-saint implies a mix of religion and conflict.

Does this warn us about a Religious War? Yes, It should! The present enmities in the world communities are predominantly because of the undercurrents of religious hatreds and distrust – the Palestine conflict and the global terror operations are evidences of this fact.

Just as a good doctor discovers and warns the patient of cancer in its early stages in order to both cure and prevent it from flaring up in to a malignant disease, so also my Guru has identified the seed of the Third World War in the policies and actions of nations and global power groups. He warned us of this War in a series of editorials in a Marathi daily called “Pratyaksh”. These articles have been compiled in a book called “The Third World War”. My Guru is firmly concluded that the Third War is on the prowl in secrecy like a witch shrouded under a cloak.

11. My Guru is proficient on Religion and regularly lectures to public gatherings every Thursday in Mumbai, the central themes of this lectures being the intimacy of God in our lives, the power and saving grace in God’s Name and Word and lastly, the role of a True Guru in experiencing the aforesaid truths. His lectures are well researched in which the highest truths are explained with such simplicity and finesse that even the mediocre in the laity can not only understand it but also experience its veracity in daily lives.

My Guru is also the author of three Granths – Satya Pravesh, Prem Pravaas and Anand Sadhana. These Granths restore Religion to its original form thereby erasing all distortions and inequities which had crept in to it over ages.

12. This blog site is dedicated to My Guru and his Mission of establishing “Ram Rajya’ in the year 2025, in which an self-sustained India {Bharat} would emerge proven as the Moral Nation and Global Power fully capable of providing leadership and support to the whole world.